Pulsar Historical Womens Watches & Popular Models

The Pulsar PPH492X was a two-tone women’s wrist watch with an extensive warranty.  The PPH492X comes with a round stainless steel case that incorporates a silver-tone exterior rim with a gold-tone lining just inside the silver. It has an easy to read analog display that consists in a bright white face with gold-tone hands and gold-tone dash markers. This makes for a rich impressive look. The combination of gold and silver tones is always an extra plus because it can be worn with anything. In addition, the stainless steel bracelet is composed of both gold and silver tones as well, which accents the piece nicely and creates an overall exceptional image.

This Pulsar also features a mineral crystal and quartz movement for a precise and accurate time. In addition, it is scratch resistant. This definitely comes in handy in case it rubs against a desk or anything else for that matter.

The PPH492X is insured with a full warranty that covers the watch inside and out for a lengthy three years. This is a supreme warranty and is definitely an extra advantage. The Pulsar PPH492X is a special value watch with a gorgeous appearance that is ideal for any occasion.  See new Pulsar Watches.

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The Seiko SKXA35 Dive Watch

The Seiko SKXA35 is a premium dive watch with a catchy appearance and extensive features built to serve you. This is definitely a watch of the highest quality and is built for supreme performance.

The SKXA35 comes with a round stainless steel case. The face is bright yellow. The combination of yellow and black (on the band) creates a striking look. The bezel, hands and markers are luminous, which is helpful in deep waters. The date and day are shown at the 3 o’clock position. The watch strap is constructed out of urethane for strength and durability and comes extra long for additional convenience.

The SKXA35 has several impressive features that make it an ideal dive watch. It has a one way rotating elapsed timing bezel so that you can accurately time dives. It has an automatic 21- jewel self-winding system that allows your movement to power it. This means there is no need to replace batteries which is definitely a huge advantage. It is water resistant to 200 meters for those deep dives. The back and crown are a screw down style to provide extra resistance to water which are large contributors to its 200 meter capability.

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