Pigment Ink Cartridges

There are many ink cartridges out there and each uses a specific kind of ink. The use of the ink will depend on the printer and what the main function of the printer is. One of the most common inks that ink cartridges used is pigment based ink. The ink cartridge that utilizes this type of ink has crushed particles that are suspended in water inside the cartridge. For those that utilize this type of ink cartridge they are going to notice that the ink cartridge works over long periods of times, which means that they are not going to have to worry about an old ink cartridge performing poorly. The ink cartridge also holds up to the sun rays much better.


However, when compared to other types of ink, the pigment based ink cartridge is going to produce print results that are more dull in color. The black may not look like a true black, or the colors are not going to be as true to color. Most commonly, black ink cartridges utilize this type of ink because the process of producing black ink holds up to the pigment process better than colors.


However, even though black is most common with pigment ink, there are those Epson ink cartridges that use color pigment ink. These color ink cartridges with the pigment style ink are usually more expensive because there are additional parts that are needed in the cartridge to make sure that the ink comes out right and blends the colors together appropriately. Which for those wondering why their color ink cartridge costs so much, this could be why, and is a reason that many reach for another printer to have more affordable ink cartridges.